“It’s My Life” + Melbourne

Bon Jovi Tour with Birds of Tokyo – Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday to Me

Sticking with Music + Travel let’s fly to Melbourne for a Bon Jovi Concert and another Long weekend.

Again flights are from Port Lincoln on Qantaslink and a Jetstar flight to Melbourne from Adelaide. Usually take night time flights the day before however this one was morning flight due to a quick trip away. (Couldn’t help a quick getaway before heading to Paris in a couple of weeks time)

I’m a bit spoilt with this getaway as it was a combination of Birthday & Christmas gifts 🎁 from Hubby and my Mum. Who wouldn’t find a way to combine a concert and some luxury shopping πŸ› in another city.

Staying at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins with an upgraded package to include the Club Sofitel Access (breakfast, afternoon tea and canapes with drinks in the evening). Another great offer to look into when booking accommodation wherever you stay. Staying on the 49th Floor (there are only 50 floors in this Hotel) overlooking the Cathedral in a corner suite, we were in our own piece of heaven. This Hotel was a great choice before heading to Paris – brushed up on our French greetings and manners. Breakfast was a Buffet or choice from Breakfast menu, afternoon tea was cheese, crackers, macaroons and tea & coffee then in the evening Buffet and alcoholic beverages.

Let’s skip forward to SHOPPING – my favourite past time! 😍 I informed hubby that my shopping adventure was to be on Collins Street not Bourke Street this time. I am a bit spoilt in he does come shopping with me (he says it’s to carry my bags πŸ› but I know it is to keep an eye on what I spend!! πŸ’³ I’m not that naive 🀫). We wandered along the street window shopping and a duck in & out of a couple of shops – wasn’t too sure of what I actually wanted but I guess I would know it when I saw it. Had to check out Prada and make sure their electricity was working properly after my last visit (Just as I turned the doorknob to enter the store back in July the power went down – still got to shop and enjoy a glass of bubbles or two 🍾πŸ₯‚ in the dark though). Did I want clothes, shoes or accessories this time round?? Still not sure! Maybe some things for our trip away in a couple of weeks?? Next was Dolce & Gabbana (just to see if my sneaker/runners were still in season) then on to Versace – this store I knew hubby would look around in after his “Pretty Woman” moment on Rodeo Drive a few years back (will save this story for a blog all of its own πŸ˜‚). Finally I knew what I was looking for – some Black Leather Leggings (thick) for the cold weather of Europe, however I didn’t find any this time around. Finally we went into Harrolds Melbourne – the store with every brand – my store! 😍 Hubby being the chatty person that he is, was entertaining the staff and had three with him at one stage (sorry to the other shoppers). Whilst being a 2 story shop and I was upstairs and him downstairs the laughter from all was resonating around the store. I came looking for him with an armful of clothing and there he was with a Scotch πŸ₯ƒ in one hand and the staff around him listening in on his every word. I’m glad he had made himself at home and was having his own little WOW of a time – I got to continue shopping! On a side note, I would like the Changing Room as my Dressing  Room at home please! After his second Scotch πŸ₯ƒ and a swipe of HIS πŸ’³ credit card, he got to carry my bags πŸ› out of the store. Birthday gifts sorted from hubby and the kids 🎁

Another Birthday gift was on the Saturday – a hair appointment at Zucci St James Place on Bourke Street. I was putting all of my trust in a hairdresser βœ‚οΈ that I had never met for a dramatic cut and new color. I was a little nervous and then stupid me got the time mixed up by 15 minutes – lucky that I still had an appointment! However when I walked inside I was made to feel extremely welcome and had a hairdresser who understood my hair right from the start. The color was matched quite well to my disheveled looking hair and I wasn’t expecting the massage with choice of essential oils whilst I waited. OMG the staff were extremely friendly, helpful and most importantly of all were AWESOME in their expertise. Having my hair washed out and then followed by a Hot (warm) Stone Massage  whilst a treatment penetrated my thick locks – I didn’t want to leave!! Now when all was finished I had a color I loved, a cut I could manage, no tight neck muscles from the flight over and most of all Hubby loved what he saw – I was over the moon and I didn’t care that it cost me twice as much as I would have paid back home – It was a treat and a gift all in one!! OH and YES I will definitely go back for a visit the next time I am in Melbourne and need a Hair Cut!

The CONCERT on Saturday night was at the MCG and we had to be there by 5pm for the start of the VIP Dinner Experience. Dinner was a buffet style with the most amazing food and lots of it. Drinks were included in the package however the bar had a closing time and drinks could not be taken down to the stage area. Trivia rounds were played in order to win Bon Jovi merchandise & there was a raffle for a SIGNED Acoustic Guitar – this I wanted to win sooooo badly that I was driving hubby insane with my positive vibes to the Universe speeches. I did get close to winning it – LOL no I didn’t. Winning ticket Purple 87 my ticket Purple 07 – oh well there is always next time and hubby’s seat home on the plane was now safe.

Birds Of Tokyo were fantastic and surprise, surprise all the  songs I used to sing along to the radio to were their songs – don’t you hate it when you know the songs but not the Artist!! Thank you for your entertainment before the main man himself was to appear 🎢🎸🎀

Bon Jovi at 56 years young was F*****G awesome (apologies for the language) he was singing his current hits, his old hits and everything in between. He still had the “IT” factor! Hubby was upset near the end of the show as his favorite song hadn’t been sung and being the lovely wife that I am, I told him that my favorite one would be sung last of all.  After all, “Living On A Prayer” is a Bon Jovi anthem after all. I was right it was to be played last but hubby also got his wish as “Wanted Dead Or Alive” was sung as the second to last song. Again an awesome performance at the MCG!

I do have to mention on the flight home we were discussing our top concerts that we have attended – Hubby still has Michael Jackson, One (more of a show than a concert as it was a tribute to Michael Jackson) as top performance followed by Cher in the number 2 spot – This has totally flabbergasted me!! I have learnt something new about hubby and his music tastes – his favorite song has always been “Copperhead Road” by Steve Earle!! πŸŽΆπŸŽ€πŸŽΈ


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