Port Lincoln to Paris Stage 1

The BIG Galah

After months & months of planning our European Christmas Holiday 🎅🎄☃️ we were off!!

After finishing work at 5pm we had a 2 hour drive ahead of us to Kimba, for Christmas with the parentals. After loading enough suitcases into the back of the Dodge RAM to go around the world twice, I think we remembered everything……….. I was having dreams/nightmares leading up to leaving for this trip of forgetting our Passports – I did just check again to make sure I had them. Imagine that – turning up to international airport after a 7 hour drive & not having them with YOU?!? I would DIE of EMBARRASSMENT followed by STUPIDITY!!

So what can I tell you about Kimba other than it’s half way across Australia and has a large Galah – Australia is know for having “The BIG” items in most states, this being one. It’s a farming/agricultural town with a population of around 1200 people. My children spend most of their time in Kimba – 13 weeks a year to be precise. That would be how many weeks they get of school holidays every year. They have learnt valuable skills & first hand knowledge of farming, droughts, machinery & of hard work. (I will do a post with movie of my son’s Harvest Leave later)

I have to say my mum went all out for our EARLY Christmas – tree up, table decorations & a 3 course meal!! Did I mention that they are going away themselves for Christmas but still put on the best little Christmas party!!

Farm Life ~ Best Life

Now we are part way through our 4 & a half hour drive to Adelaide. A quick catch up with some great mates for Christmas before the flight to Paris tomorrow.

Are my children looking forward to a long Plane Flight – the answer to that question would be NO!! My daughter would like someone to invent a way to “Teleport” thanks!!

Not much else to say during the looonnnggg drive to Adelaide other than we are doing it in comfort! The RAM seats are like Arm Chairs & more than enough room for Teenagers & ALL of their essentials – phones, tablets, cameras & bags of god knows what else!! Yep this trip they have packed themselves – I’m waiting for the “Mum I forgot” to be uttered once in Adelaide!!

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